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Energy, the Precious Commodity of the Generator

Over the past few years, I have been experimenting more and more with the Generator’s “Wait to Respond” concept in my own life which I believe is harder for a Manifesting Generator than a Generator. It is definitely not easy and just because “I know” responding this way or making decisions based on time is in my best interest, I don’t always do it and sometimes find it hard to wait out the time. There will be a lot of stumbling around if you are doing your experiment correctly. Some things will work and other things won’t. Over time, with patience and practice, you’ll begin to see how your process should be working for you.

Awareness is only the FIRST STEP. This is an experiment in aligning with and living your design. As a beginner, you should be working on making everyday conscious decisions with your design. Aligning with your design doesn’t just happen because you “know it”. Treat this as a new skill and habit which means you must give yourself space to actively and consciously recognize everyday situations and choices and work on the strategy – become more aware of things in real time. Observe yourself from the outside (this naturally comes later and is wild when it happens). The more you practice, you’ll start to actively notice when you didn’t do your Strategy and Authority and what happened as a consequence.  

ENERGY NOTE: I often speak about Projectors needing to guard and protect their energy (which is always true) but Generators also need to do this. The boundary reasoning is a bit different though and comes from a different direction. 

Projectors protect their energy by recognizing how they receive other’s energy and work on not letting it overwhelm them by thinking they must keep up with Generators all the time. Recognizing it’s not their natural energy source and they are just playing with it, using it in bursts – gathering wisdom of the sacral – is very important for a Projector to notice. Projectors should place boundaries around who, what, and where they receive that energy buzz from. What quality and quantity of buzz are you receiving? Are you receiving healthy bursts of energy or are you being completely drained?

Generators protect their energy by knowing what they should respond to. In other words, who or what you give your energy to is very important for a Generator. It’s a choice. Treat your energy like a precious commodity. Your energy is not for everyone. Generators need to have a healthy buzz to their energy. Your energy is what others are magnetically attracted to and enveloped by. The strength and health of your buzz is very important. Energy is infectious – both good and bad. Generators should place boundaries around who, what, or where you are giving your energy to. You only have so much of it. What is the quality and quantity of the energy you are giving out? Are you wasting/depleting your energy? Who are you giving your energy to and are they energizing you or just draining you? 

Stress, burnout, and adrenal fatigue all result from not protecting your energy. If this becomes a continual behavior pattern, it will turn into a health crisis and ultimately result in some form of nervous breakdown. When this happens, your energetic system will be completely fried and will no longer respond at all. This can happen quicker for a non-aligned Projector but it will also happen to a Generator who is constantly spinning and burning the candle at both ends with no discernment (i.e. boundary) on who or what is using up their precious commodity.