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The journey is simply a matter of becoming yourself.

Awareness of your energy patterns and natural flow states are the first steps toward your true empowerment.

Jen Reed - Astrology, Human Design, Energy
Working with Me
About Jen

Working with Me

I am fascinated by how astrology, human design, kabbalah, old magick, and Eastern energy systems such as the iChing (yin/yang) blend together. These systems connect in streams of consciousness that we don’t even realize. I am incredibly passionate about bringing this knowledge into practical everyday life through my readings and workshops.


Classes are In-Person @ For Your Higher Good in Elmhurst
New Moon Workshops

New Moon Workshops

I hold a New Moon Astrology workshop every Month. The monthly date depends on when the new Moon arrives.
Click for the 2024 schedule.

Tarot Tuesday Workshops

Tarot Tuesdays

In 2024, I am starting in-person “Tarot Tuesdays” held once a month. This is being offered to regular workshop attendees.

Astrology Chat Thursdays

Astro & HD Live Chat

Sprinkled into 2024, I am running a few workshops on various Astrology and Human Design topics. Topics will range and selectively be chosen based on the commonality I am finding in charts of class attendees.

Aligning with your Design Workshops

Align with your Design

The beginning of your cosmic discovery journey starts here…

Align with your Design Series

Chakras Unleased

Learn more about the transitioning of the Chakra system from a 7-centered being to a 9-centered being…

Chakras Unleashed Series

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Monthly Workshops
Chakras Unleashed Series

What Clients Say…

Good morning Jen! Just wanted to let you know how great last night was. Your classes just get better and better! Last night coupled with last month has really helped give me some direction. Anyway feeling grateful this AM. Thank you and glad to know you, girl!!

Thank you so much for your time running these, reviewing, and giving your insight. I really appreciate it. You totally hit the nail on the head with my daughter! I can’t wait to share with her.

Jen, all the way home last night I was so grateful for our conversation! Just hearing you say the same things that I’m feeling gave it so much validity!

Last night was so amazing, thank you! So many things to think about and let go of!

Jen, thank you so much for the fabulous session yesterday!  I so appreciated it and I got a lot out of it. Thanks for sending over the recording and your notes. Your notes are so impressive and so extensive!  Wow…you are amazing!

I want to thank you for one of the best classes in my life. I honestly didn’t get it at first but haven’t been in a structured class in a long time. Now I see the tools you gave us to help ourselves in life. There are things clearer than others yes. Have I learned, yes. Do I need to change things, yes. Do I want to keep learning, oh yes! Thank You!

Hey Jen– Thanks for checking in on me. I became very overwhelmed at the last class and just didn’t want to get super emotional.  I was holding back for sure (I saw you eyeing me!!). So many things have fallen into place and I understand many things so much better.  But I am pushing 60 and feel that I have wasted much of my life on nonsense.  So when I saw the 2nd Saturn Return it threw me for a loop. I loved the class.  A LOT!!  I am looking forward to Friday and learning and doing more! Again-thanks for checking in.

 Hi, Jen! I’m reaching out to you after the workshop this past weekend to thank you for all of your wisdom and support over those three days. I’d love to schedule some time with you to further discuss a few of the items that came up. Thanks!

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