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Don’t associate yourself with traits & definitions of your placements. Instead, unlock a deeper conversation by asking

  • Why do I need this energy or theme in my life? 
  • What is the energy or theme helping me learn?
  • How do I use this energy to help myself grow?

You must become fully aware of your energy patterns and natural flow state. Only then can you step into your empowerment.

This journey is simply a matter of becoming yourself.

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Jen Reed
Jen Reed


Cosmic Storyteller, Dabbler in Astrology, Human Design and Energy Work

My name is Jen Reed, and I'm an entrepreneur, graphic design geek, student of the occult, and an energy healer... Yes. It's amazing how many "techie geeks" get into energy work. Here's my story...

I've been highly sensitive to energy my whole life. I just didn't know what I was experiencing exactly, and therefore, never acknowledged or learned to work with the ability, until now. In "woo-woo terms," I could be called clairsentient - someone capable of experiencing and feeling energy more intuitively. But there is nothing special about this ability. A lot of people experience this;  they just don't recognize it for what it is.

I have always been fascinated by mediums and psychics. But it took more than half my life before I finally got up the courage to meet with one. During our first meeting, Anita had written notes on me before I even walked in the door - using only my first name. She had written down, "suffer in silence," "outside vs. inside," "people pleaser," "is your work honoring you? change.", "the image in your mind is the image you created." I felt her notes were spot on and pointed towards beginning a new uncharted path in my life.

Now typically, I don't say much to people when I first meet them, and I certainly don't "open up," but I felt strangely comfortable with her. I told her about the weird and strange "spiritual woo-woo" occurrences throughout my life, and by the middle of the session, she said, "Jen, you're an empath. Do you know what that is? Google it."

This was how my empowerment journey started and the beginning of working with Anita. 

The world of patterns and cycles has awakened me. And as I recognize them, accept life's weird synchronicities, and just show up with a giving heart and open mind, my journey as a cosmic storyteller and energy healer is expanding. The path I was on in 2020 is no longer the path I am on now. I believe all the things in my life have pointed me in this direction. And while I still have occasional struggles with walking this new path, my heart knows this is the right direction for me, and I am ready to accept and work with my gifts more, however, they might develop.

So please allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Jen, and I am a lifelong student, a natural learner, and an energy healer who is learning to stop hoarding gifts and start sharing what I am discovering along the way. I practice and dabble with intuitive astrology blended with a touch of human design, working in a bit of magick and esotericism, a tarot card or two, and a touch of heartflow energy work.

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