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2024 Solar Eclipse in Aries

Today is the Solar Eclipse! It’s a new moon with the Sun, Moon, Earth, and Chiron lining up in the sky.

The Devil’s Comet is also swinging by during the eclipse.

“It earned the nickname of “devil comet” in 2023 when an outburst caused the comet to have an asymmetrical appearance, like having horns. It comes around every 71 years and is getting brighter as it flies toward the Sun. The comet will lie just 6° west of Jupiter and about 24.5° northeast of the Sun. During the brief period of totality, skygazers can observe the bright green comet using a pair of binoculars.”

This makes me think of the Devil card in Tarot. The Devil card shows us that we have been shackled and need to break free. It also shows us that the chain around our neck is large, self-inflicted, and can be taken off at any time. We just choose not to take it off because it somehow makes us feel safe. The Devil’s comet won’t be seen or even known by everyone. It’s fleeting / passing by – not really involved in the main Astro energy – just a passerby for those who want to see it. For those who want to see their self-imposed shackles can be removed.

This Astro energy is pushing us to break free from OURSELVES – break free of our mental fears – to push forward and chart a new path.

Whether you believe anything I say or believe in Astrology and Human Design transits is IRRELEVANT. Believe or don’t believe. Doesn’t matter.

I’m just giving you the message I see. It’s time to choose to believe in YOURSELF – to stand up for YOURSELF.

Belief in astrology/human design is IRREVELANT. Belief in yourself is all that matters.


And by the way… the stars couldn’t be more aligned for you.