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The 2023 & 2024 Great American Eclipses

The first of the two Great American Eclipses is coming in October. On Sat, Oct 14, an annular eclipse will occur where the moon moves directly in front of the Sun but appears smaller than the Sun which forms a “Ring of Fire” around the moon. The Sun casts a light around the moon’s shadow, bringing to light something that is heavily hidden from us. The second partner eclipse occurs in 6 months on Apr 8, 2024.

These eclipses bring significant energy shifts for the people in the US. The past Total Solar Eclipses with a visible Path of Totality in the US occurred in Aug 2017, May 2012, May 1994, May 1984, Feb 1979, and Mar 1970. The next one in the US will occur in 22 years on Aug 12, 2045!

The impact of an eclipse can last years, determined by its total duration where minutes equate to years. This means the effects of the Oct 14 eclipse will persist and ripple out changing shifts of energy for the next 4-5 years.

People born with Pluto in Libra (1971-1984) are considered the “relationship generation”. These people were born into a time where the Form of “traditional relationship” was changed and transformed forever. We are the “divorce”, “single parent,” “two-income household,” “latchkey,” and/or “hidden domestic abuse and violence” generation. During this next 4-5 year span, this entire generation will be given the opportunity to realize their full self-potential and perhaps address and heal relationship and abuse issues – maybe for the first time.

For many of us, this time period will also represent a profound personal challenge since many of the Libra in Pluto generation were also born with Chiron in Aries (1968-1977). The theme of “self and relationships” is not only our deepest wound and greatest sensitivity in life, but also the area that as a collective, we are meant to address, struggle with, transform, and ultimately elevate for the evolution of humanity and social structure at large. 

Our generation is consistently trying to find a balance between our own needs and those of our partners. Who are we alone? Who are we in partnership? What is fair? What is equitable? Where is the balance? How do we work together? How do we work alone? How do we support ourselves without stepping all over the other? How do we support the others without letting them step all over us? Boundaries are our key theme.

Humanity is shifting into the age of Aquarius and entering into the Incarnation of the Sleeping Phoenix. This is a time when many are gravitating towards discovering their authentic selves and understanding their identities as soul beings. How are we meant to flow in this life? to just be? The Pluto in Libra and Chiron in Aries generation is working to light the path so that humanity can see its true self as individuals and as partners. Yes, we are here for the other, but before we can be strong together, each piece must be strong on its own. That’s the challenge and life lessons of this generation. And this Eclipse is bringing powerful messages, transformation and real soul awakening to the people who are ready to fight to be seen. 

Regardless of your birth era, these upcoming eclipses signify a significant shift in understanding balance, equality, and the dynamics of self and relationships. This is a pivotal astrological time for many and where Libra sits in your chart is the area of your life where this overarching theme of balance and need is playing out the most.

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