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Emotional Manifesting Generators

I’m Jen and my human design type is an Emotional Manifesting Generator

My strategy is to Wait to Respond to something that comes into my view that I want to respond to (Generators can say NO… you are not meant to respond to everything). As a Manifesting Generator, once I decide to respond, I try to inform the people who would be impacted by my choice of action before I go off and act. MG’s can be very independent in their generating process and have singular direction (as Manifestors do). This is not asking permission but instead letting others know your intentions AFTER you decide to respond. I personally find less agitation when I let people know of my intentions.

Emotional Manifesting Generators have a Defined Sacral (generator) and a Defined Solar Plexus (emotional). The “Manifesting” comes from also having one of the 4 motor centers (Sacral, Ego, Solar Plexus, or the Root) connected to the Throat as well.

Manifesting Generators move quickly and are often juggling 3-5 balls in the air at the same time. I have learned that this is correct for me as a Manifesting Generator. I have also learned that it’s okay to decide that if I feel one of those balls isn’t working or is no longer needed, I can just let it drop and pick up another ball. That is also correct for a Manifesting Generator.

My authority is Emotional, which means I should not make any “energy based” decision in “the now or current moment”. I need to give myself time to process through my emotional wave. As I work through my decision, I will ask myself “Do I really have (or will have) the energy to do that?” and then give myself time to process the ups and downs of feeling into that choice until some form of clarity reaches me. 

As an MG, clarity might tell me to drop the ball and no longer pursue that one, but it may also tell me to NOT drop the ball but instead change the structure of the ball. Sometimes changing the structure will get a generator past the “Frustration” they can begin to feel over time (all generators feel this). This new change or redirection of the ball can lead Generators to have breakthroughs instead of just quitting. Generators are ultimately working to be satisfied with their decisions, the use of their energy, and the choices they make. 

Emotional decision-makers are always seeking clarity so they do not regret their choices. Time-based decision making and regret go hand-in-hand. If they give themselves time, they won’t regret the choice they make. 

Regret really shouldn’t be a part of non-emotional decision making if they are operating correctly. If regret shows up for a non-emotional decision maker, it is always because they didn’t trust themselves in the first place and second-guessed everything. The regret is about not just making the choice they originally wanted to make. If the non-emotional decision maker just trusts themself in the now, there should never be regret.

Personally, I am working to be more aware of these moments in real time and to not make snap decisions based on how I feel at any given moment. I recognize that my emotional wave is always changing so I am trying to actively make my bigger decisions and commitments on a time basis. This means I need to listen to my sacral gut (yes/no energy) but then let my gut feeling ride for a few days as I continue to process through the choice I need to make – always coming back and asking myself, “Do I (or will I) really have the energy if I make that choice?” (the main generator question). I am working on acknowledging that it is okay to give myself time. It is okay to say “I’ll get back to you tomorrow or next week”. To not rush important or bigger commitment decisions because of outside pressure resulting in making an energy sucking choice I will later regret.