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We are in a time of great awakening and struggles with power and control

PLUTO MOVES INTO AQUARIUS (JANUARY 2024) individual empowerment & social revolution
NEPTUNE MOVES INTO ARIES (MARCH 2025) idealistic rebellion & dissolution
URANUS MOVES INTO GEMINI (APRIL 2026)mass awakening and revolution of knowledge

These are some powerful transits. Hugely powerful. 


There is no clock in space.
There is no such thing as “time” in space.
Energy can always begin earlier than an exact transit date predicts. 
Energy flows. Energy is boundless. 
Energy is not exact nor is it strategic.
Energy is chaotic.

Life does not happen to you nor does life happen for you. 

Life is pure energy and energy just is… Energy.
There is no intention behind it either way. No hidden meaning. No agenda. 

Energy is Innocent.

We have been given a gift – Consciousness in Form – LIFE.
We are animated beings of energy.
Not all good. Not all “love and light”. Nor should we be.
Not all bad. Not all “doom and gloom”. Nor should we be.

Life needs balance to mutate.
We need balance to recognize the other. 

Without the hard aspects of what the opposite can show you, there can be no reflection that propels growth. 

We are Consciousness manifested into Form. This makes us limited by nature. Limited to the constructs of our material form and the constructs of the material rules that govern us. We forget that without these constructs, this order, we would not be able to exist in this physical form. Conversely, we can get too focused on our personal hurts and pains of daily life seeking to blame, shame, and judge others. We forget to zoom out and reflect on the bigger constructs at play. 

Zoom out on your life.
Zoom out on your family & relationships.
Zoom out on your job & career.
Zoom out on your beliefs & all the emotional baggage you have attached to them.
Zoom out. 
Get out of the weeds and change your view.
Change your perspective.

A new door is opening for us and when you walk through this door, you will be entering a completely new space which also means you will be leaving the old space behind. This can be incredibly uncomfortable. It’s unknown. It’s The Fool starting a new journey. It’s a time to set aside old beliefs and patterning of who you think yourself to be and old beliefs of who you think the other to be. 

For some, the door started to open a few years back. This period has either been a long time coming which makes it a bit easier. Or this period has been excruciatingly hard and painful which makes movement a bit slower. But in either case, the door is wide open. The change has begun.

For others, the door is just starting to open now.

For others (more than you think you fall here), the door has not begun to open. It may open but it may not.

And, unfortunately for the majority, the door will never open.

The timing of this energy is not exact because energy is not exact. Consciousness is infinitesimally young. It is so young and still way too fragile to hold or even grasp. This reminds me of a quote from Gladiator where Marcus Aurelius said “There was once a dream that was Rome. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish… it was so fragile. And I fear that it will not survive the winter.” This is where we as “Consciousness” are right now – a fragile whisper in the perceived time of existence. 

We are not elderly. We are not adults. We are not teenagers. We are not children. We are not toddlers. We are not even infants. We are newborns at best and likely not even that. From a cosmic age, we are infinitesimally young. So infinitesimally young. 

I have said many times that we are the Universe having a Conscious experience. But we do not have the true capacity of “just being” to understand what having this experience really means. We just don’t. We try to wrap our newborn consciousness (minds) around what is happening to us and try to solve it as if it is a problem. 

Why do we do that? 

Because the beginning of growth and eventual mutation starts with foundational knowledge. We are curious beings. We are young. We are expanding. We make mistakes. We are growing. 

We need acquirement of knowledge. 
We need process of knowledge. 
We need experience of knowledge. 
We need sharing of knowledge. 
We need awareness of knowledge. 
We need mutation of knowledge.

Knowledge is the building block of everything. But knowledge is only a foundational block and will remain as is and non-mutated without living its full cycle. A full cycle of knowledge is needed to fully understand. When a cycle completes, a new mutated version will start over again. Rinse and repeat. 

Acquiring is step one. (Investigator)
Processing is step two. (Hermit)
Experiencing is step three. (Martyr)
Sharing is step four. (Opportunist)
Awareness is step five. (Heretic)
Mutating is step six.  (Role Model)

MUTATION OCCURS at 6 (and then six becomes one again)

Astrological transits are like a pebble dropping into water. They are a beacon of directed frequency. When and how you feel into that energy depends on your awareness and attunement to that particular frequency. This is why some people will never open that door. And that is okay. Why? Because we live in a construct of Balance. Duality. Binary. Without the opposite reflection, we can’t truly see the purpose.

This is how we change. This is how we flow. This is how we mutate as a human species.
Opposite reflection. We are binary creatures.

Energy is a shock wave that ripples out. We will experience astrological transits anywhere on the ripple they create in “time”. And there are multiple, hundreds, likely thousands of these shock waves at any given time. Some are more powerful and life changing (Saturn returns, Chiron returns, Uranus Opposition, Pluto square Pluto, Nodal Returns/Oppositions, etc). Some are shorter and have more daily action consequences (Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter transits). But they all overlap. 

They interfere with each other. They support each other. They affect each other. And together they create a complex wave pattern that is hitting you and affecting you at all times. Mutating you. It is a complexity that creates what it means to be Consciousness in Form. Consciousness living in a Human body. Consciousness experiencing what it means to be physically ALIVE. 

Astrology can only give you ranges of time. It is not meant to be an exact science. It is not meant to offer exact predictions. It is meant to help us develop awareness in our lives. 

Human Design is meant to help us make better choices that hopefully lead to not regretting the decisions we make.

Together they help us see ourselves through dynamic patterns and relationship with the Universe itself. They are a guiding post. Beacons. They are not meant for us to fully understand the why. 

We are on the precipice of evolutionary change. Can you feel it?

It is definitely a hard time to be alive. Yet it is also an incredibly great time to be alive. 

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Jen Reed