Workshops held @ For Your Higher Good in Elmhurst, IL

Tarot Tuesdays


Join us IN PERSON each month for a hands-on tarot workshop. Throughout the year, we will talk about various elements of the Tarot along with doing hands-on card reading activities.

Registration Opening in January


What we do…

  • Working with the Tarot
    • 30-45 min “lecture/discussion” on a particular topic for that evening
    • 45-60 min “card reading activity”
    • Some of the activities will be solo based while others will be partner based.

  • Typical Topics
    • Major Arcana (Fool’s Journey)
    • Minors
      • Pentacles, Cups, Wands, Swords
    • Court Cards vs Number Cards
    • Numerology & Astrology
    • Spreads (e.g. 3 cards, Celtic cross, annual/12 months, yes/no, get to know your deck, make your own, etc.)
    • Practice Exercises
      • Solo
      • Partner
      • Various Spreads and Reading exercises
    • Exploring other Tarot/Deck Systems (possibly)

  • Community Building
    These workshops have become a time to share and find insight into your own self. Some months carry more openly chatty energy during the workshop, while other months are quieter introspection focusing on writing your intentions. It’s all about the flow of the mix of energy of the women who attend any given month.


TUE Jan 23
TUE Feb 27
TUE Mar 26
TUE Apr 23
TUE May 28
TUE Jun 25
TUE Jul 23
TUE Aug 27
TUE Sep 24
TUE Oct 15
TUE Nov 19
TUE Dec 17

Tarot Tuesdays