Workshops held @ For Your Higher Good in Elmhurst, IL

Astro & HD Talks


There is no set schedule for these workshops. All of these one-off mini-workshops will likely discuss topics around the 2027 frequency change. I am shooting for one a month but that will depend on what is going on for me in a given month.

These are IN-PERSON workshops and will be offered to previous class attendees only. You must have taken some Moon or HD classes with me before. If you are interested in being included in my invite list, please e-mail me.

Registration Opening in January


These Astrology or Human Design workshops will be more randomized and ebb/flow with whatever is presenting itself to me during any given month.

Topics will likely all filter information regarding the 2027 frequency shift. 

  • Manifestors only workshop
  • Projectors only workshop
  • The Projection Field of Line 5
  • The Role Model of Line 6
  • Innocence Motivation (Line 6 motivation) and the 6 Transition Profiles (1/4, 2/5, 3/6, 6/3, 5/2, 4/1)
  • Diplomatic Leadership Channels/Gates (31/7, 1/8, and 13/33)
  • The 2027 Frequency Shift
    • The transition from Cross of Planning to the Sleeping Phoenix. (Tribal to Individual). 
    • Moving from Manifestor to Projector influence
    • Moving from the frequency of Line 1 (Knowledge) to Line 6 (Role Model)
    • Moving from the frequency of 37/40 to 20/34 

All of these “mini” workshops will have a very specific flavor of Design element so you wouldn’t attend all of them.

Invites will be sent based on your design. For example, if you are a Manifestor, you would get an invite to the Manifestor workshop. If you are a Projector, you will get invited to the Projector workshop.  etc.

I feel that by doing it this way, I’m not locking myself into committing to a regularly scheduled workshop and can flow in the moment as a Quad Right. 

Some months might have a workshop that is focused on something specific in your design while other months might not apply to you. 

These are IN-PERSON workshops and are currently only offered to previous class attendees. If you are interested in being included, please e-mail me.

Astro & HD Talks