Workshops held @ For Your Higher Good in Elmhurst, IL

New Moon Workshop


Join us IN PERSON each month for a hands-on workshop exploring the astro weather of the New Moon. We talk about the planetary energies of the month, the themes, and how they relate to your own life through the placements in your personal natal chart. These small group workshops are an opportunity to learn a little astrology, become aware of the current energies, and set intentions with the incoming frequency of the New Moon.

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What we do…

  • Introduction to the Astrology of the current New/Full moon cycle.
    • Learn about the energy theme of the coming month.
    • Learn about the sign/house polarity of this energy.
    • Learn where this is found in your natal chart.

  • Set Your Intentions
    • You’ll have time to write out intentions around the energy theme of the new moon.
    • You’ll have time to write out bite-sized goals to help you manifest your intentions.
    • You’ll use your personal house placements to see where this energy plays out in your life.
    • If you choose, you can create a Sigil around your intentions.
  • Community Building
    These workshops have become a time to share and find insight into your own self. Some months carry more openly chatty energy during the workshop, while other months are quieter introspection focusing on writing your intentions. It’s all about the flow of the mix of energy of the women who attend any given month.

  • Burn Ceremony
    At the end of the evening, we embrace our inner witch, drop everyone’s written intention into the pot, and let them burn out to co-create with the universe.


WED Jan 10
THU Feb 08
THU Mar 07
THU Apr 04
THU May 02*
THU Jun 06
TUE Jul 02
TUE Aug 06
TUE Sep 03
THU Oct 03
WED Nov 05
TUE Dec 03
  • 1 Ticket (current month)
  • Time: 7:00p – 8:30p
  • No Astrology Knowledge Needed.
  • Limited Space (10 seats)
  • You must know your birth time and place.

New Moon Workshop