My Story

My name is Jen Reed, and I'm an entrepreneur, graphic design geek, and energy healer? Yes. It's amazing how many "techie geeks" get into energy work. Here's my story...

I've been highly sensitive to energy my whole life. I just didn't know it, and therefore, never acknowledged or learned to work with the ability, until now.

In "woo-woo terms," I could be called clairsentient - someone capable of experiencing and feeling energy more intuitively. But there is nothing special about this ability. A lot of people experience this; they just don't recognize it.

From a young age, I could walk into a room and immediately sense the energy in that room - often knowing a fight took place or feeling something terrible had happened hours before. As a baby, I would sometimes start crying when my biological father walked into the room. Maybe I could smell his aftershave and knew he was there, or perhaps I could sense a change in the energy or sense my mom's anxious energy when he was around. Animals and young children often have a "6th sense" ability that adults disregard and eventually lose altogether.


For the majority of my life, I've felt uncomfortable in large groups of people (and by large, I mean more than 3) even with extended family. You could call that being "shy" and "introverted," which is undoubtedly true to a point, but what causes that behavior? Are you born with that trait? Or does it develop over time? For me, I'm pretty sure it evolved during my childhood. I was far from a shy kid in kindergarten. I was the child who was always in trouble for talking too much. I find that behavior ironic now and often wonder what happened to that girl.

The more I've delved into the study of energy and how it affects me, I've come to believe that those "shy" and "introverted" patterns were "self-taught" as a coping mechanism for me not knowing what to do with the energy I was feeling. If the room was just "too much," my answer was simple. I would withdraw, either physically or mentally, and sometimes emotionally.

Situations like these would always make my anxiety and inner fears go through the roof. It was especially true if there was an overpowering personality in the room with me. I believe most introverted and shy kids have similar stories. They don't know how to shield themselves against overwhelming energy, so their answer from a young age is to withdraw and become quiet.

So is shyness or introversion innate or self-taught? I don't know. Maybe a little of both.

I feel my behavior was self-taught, and I'm still working on undoing that. I have taught software classes to groups of adults. I've stood in front of K-8th kids and taught computer classes. I've coached 3rd thru 8th-grade boys basketball teams - as a woman no less, which was not easy. I'm not a degreed teacher or public speaker but did these things anyway. Those things (at least to me) are not the traits of a "shy" or "introverted" person, and dealing with that distinction has been confusing.

...until I went to see a psychic (and here is where a little "woo-woo" sweeps in).

The Psychic and Energy Healer

I have always been fascinated by mediums and psychics. But it took more than half my life before I finally got up the courage to meet with one. During our first meeting, she had written notes on me before I even walked in the door - using only my first name. She had written down, "suffer in silence," "outside vs. inside," "people pleaser," "is your work honoring you? change.", "the image in your mind is the image you created." I felt her notes were spot on and pointed towards beginning a new uncharted path in my life.

Now typically, I don't say much to people when I first meet them, and I certainly don't "open up," but I felt strangely comfortable with her. I told her about the weird and strange "spiritual woo-woo" occurrences throughout my life, and by the middle of the session, she said, "Jen, you're an empath. Do you know what that is? Google it." This led me to energy healing.

While I do not believe I'm a 100% empath, I am sensitive to various subtle energies. Do I sense energy all the time? Certainly not. But it happens a lot more to me than I ever realized before. And as I consciously acknowledge this gift, and more importantly, direct it towards energy healing, the feeling and ability have grown stronger - feeling energy, clearing energy, moving energy, flowing energy...

This is how Heartflow Energy started...

The world of energy work has awakened for me. And as I recognize it, accept my life's weird synchronicities, and just show up with a giving heart and open mind, my journey as an energy healer is expanding. I believe all the things in my life have pointed me in this direction, especially meeting Anita. While I still have my struggles with walking this new path, my heart knows this is the right direction for me, and I am ready to accept and work with this gift; however, it might develop.

Everyone has a different life journey and inner struggles. Heartflow Energy is my journey of self-exploration and self-healing while helping others find their path to self-healing too.

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