Energy Healing Frequently Asked Questions

Heartflow Energy Healing

Neither. You do not need to be religious nor spiritual to gain the benefits of energy healing.

However, depending on an individual's beliefs and intentions going into a session, some people may experience an "emotional or heavy release" from energy work.

A balanced energy flow allows for better connections.

Connection to yourself.
Connection to others.
Connection to the Earth.
Connection to the Divine/Universe/Cosmos/God/All-Knowing.

Energy work helps the body expand its subtle energy field and clear stagnation and blockages, which overall creates a better energy pattern flow. This new flow can help you better connect and recognize your energy and ultimately bring a better connection to everything else.

You do not need to be religious or spiritual for this to help you. You simply need to have an open mind to the process.

No. Energy healing is not religious, although many religions have well-known energy healers.

All you need is to believe energy healing will help you.

Mindset is everything.

Things you may notice after an energy session can include:

  • feeling lighter like a weight has been lifted
  • feeling calmer, less anxious and less stressed
  • feeling grounded, centered and strong
  • feeling an emotional release or energy detox
  • feeling tired over the following day(s) and having a strong desire to rest or sleep
  • feeling more energized and in "do" mode over the following day(s)

These are all indications that the energy session is working. It helped the body release what it was holding and allowed it to slow down enough to de-stress and rest.

The hardest part of this type of work is there is no "one size fits all." One energy session, you could feel emotional - and even cry - while another could make you motivated to "get shit done."

No session is the same - not between different people and not even between your own sessions. You get what you need at that moment.

Energy healing is not a magic pill. Any long-lasting healing takes time.

Think about cutting your hand. The cut doesn't heal overnight, and depending on the depth and severity, it could take several days or longer to heal. Your body will heal the wound over time.

Energy work is similar. Think of it as a form of "triage" that aligns your body, your mind, and your emotional being with its ability to heal. Intending to be open and receiving, you give your energy the ability to flow better and remove any blocks or stagnation, which allows you to de-stress and begin the healing process. The body centers can't heal when they are stressed or blocked.

Some people can feel this start to happen during a session, while others may feel it over the following day(s) or week. For some, it may lead to the beginning of a complete holistic healing journey that will take time. It honestly depends on each person.

The energy will go where it is needed. You are the healer. I am simply the conduit to help you channel energy to release and flow better.

Reiki is one modality form of energy work. During a Reiki class, the student learns how to feel someone's energy along with learning the westernized Reiki placement of hands. To learn Reiki, you need no unique gifts or abilities.

Reiki is becoming the generic mainstream term for energy healing work. Hospitals have begun incorporating Reiki and other holistic healing practices such as sound healing into their oncology departments. Hospices are also offering Reiki to help terminal patients and their families with end of life care.

While I am attuned as a Level II Reiki practitioner, I do not practice straight Reiki. I was able to feel, flow energy, and was guided intuitively on how to use my hands before I ever took a Reiki class. I will occasionally use Reiki symbols or various hand placements if I feel guided.

During my energy sessions, I draw upon my intuition to help guide me and use other "energy flow tools" such as sound, meridian tracing, and some light reflexology. I incorporate all of these tools into what I call a "Heartflow Energy" session.

No, you don't.

Being able to meditate will help you relax quicker and receive the energy shift easier. But you do not need to be good at meditating to receive the benefits of energy work.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right.

Similarly, if you believe energy healing will work for you or it won't work for you, you are right.

Mindset is everything.

Energy healing is not magic, but it's not woo-woo, either. Working with energy has a sound basis in "real" science. All living creatures are made up of vibrating energy. Even things that look solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level.

As humans, we have many outside influences that can be absorbed by or impact our energy field. Some of these influences are good and will expand your energy field while others are draining and even traumatic and will contract your energy field.

Energy work is about breaking up the pattern and creating a flow to help you connect with your inner/higher self and set the intention for change. This change can come in many forms, including healing.

If you come into energy sessions with the mindset and longing to change, you will receive what you need. And what you receive looks different for every person.

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